Myth versus Reality

Some people are understandably confused about how a travel advisor is paid and why it is beneficial to use an advisor.

Essentially, travel advisors are paid through commissions. If I book your trip through a tour operator, or when I reserve a hotel room or tour guide for you, I am paid a commission for these bookings.

One popular misconception is that you will pay a higher price to book through a travel advisor, but this is not the case. Hotels, tour companies, and guides are happy to absorb the cost of advisor commissions since we are valuable partners to them. AND, the biggest beneficiary of this partnership is YOU, the client! When you book through an advisor you immediately attain VIP status as well as a variety of exclusive amenities unavailable through direct booking. A travel advisor will also serve as an important intermediary for you, handling every aspect of your trip and working as your advocate if any problems arise.

A good travel advisor also has a wealth of contacts in the travel industry. Did you know, for example, that some of the best tour companies don’t even sell to the general public?

Using a travel advisor will save you money on many occasions, as we will often be the first to learn about deals and promotions. However, saving money is not the primary reason to use an advisor. Our clients cite saving time, reduced stress, and exclusive access and information as their top reasons for using a travel advisor.

In sum, we offer peace of mind through all stages of the travel process. Now who wouldn’t want that?

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